A treat for Mummy

I had a really wonderful day today as myself and a friend set of for a spa day in Southport.  A treat for Mummy, how lovely.

I had a birthday recently and a very good friend arranged this special day for me as a treat.  We’ve had a fairly tough couple of months as a family, a house move and various other things to contend with and it was something of a luxury to think about spending a day doing something just for me.

It was an early start setting off to Southport and leaving Ruth and Rosie in the care of their Daddy, this is also something of a luxury as he has recently changed jobs from one where he only had a weekend off every 9 weeks.  An easy drive to Southport was a great chance to catch up on all the gossip and soon we were there.

A shared treatment room gave us the chance to giggle along like naughty school girls as we prepared for our treatments, a main treatment and two mini options.  I chose the facial for the main, followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage and finished with a hand and arm massage.  The therapists were good but the rooms were not soundproof so the relaxation was interrupted when another customer in an adjoining room came in talking about something ceramic!

After the spa experience it was off for lunch in Southport more girly giggles and some super tasty food at Prezzo.

Sometimes all Mums need a bit of time to just do something for themselves and while I don’t do it often it felt great to just have a day out with a girlfriend, be a bit silly, relax and enjoy myself.

Of course by the end of the day I was very happy to get back to the girls and tonight my skin feels amazing.  Just hope I don’t have a spot break out tomorrow.  Thank you Helen for treating me to the spa and to lunch but more than that thank you for being a simply wonderful friend.  A treat for Mummy, what a lovely day.



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