Primary School Admissions Cheshire West and Chester – Tonight’s the night!

Wednesday 16th April has been logged in my diary for some considerable time it’s the National Offer Day for Primary School Admissions 2014 and in Cheshire West and Chester the results will be available to those who have applied for Reception Primary School places at 12.30am. That means that tonight I will be staying up quite late to log in to the Cheshire West website and have a look where Rosie is going to school!!!

Many people when applying for a Primary School place for their second child meet one of the admissions criteria by having a sibling at their school of first choice which usually helps, unfortunately that is not the case with us so it’s been an anxious wait since December when we first made our application.

For the first time in 2014 councils have co-ordinated a national offer day so that all children receive their offer for Primary School admissions on the same day, this is designed to ease confusion but as it falls during the school holidays and shortly before a 4 day bank holiday weekend there are concerns that some parents will not be able to get prompt help and advice if they are dissatisfied or need support with the appeals process. Considering the bank holidays the deadline for accepting a place in Cheshire West is also very tight being only 10 working days, it doesn’t give families long to consider and look into all their options.

Nationally it is believed that around 12-13% of families will not get their first choice of school for Reception class Primary School admissions for a variety of reasons although in some areas this is higher.  We will be happy if we get any of the three preferences we have expressed although Rosie has her heart set on our first choice. So watch this space, this is the news we have been waiting for and will be the family news the next few weeks, if you are waiting up tonight or finding out about a school place tomorrow leave us a comment below, and GOOD LUCK!!!

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