New Year Blogging Target

I’ve taken a somewhat longer than planned break from blogging recently.  Sometimes it’s hard when you are a working Mum to balance your responsibilities to everyone including your husband, children, employer, community groups, church even pets!  What if anything is left for you?  Christmas was full of the wonderful festive bustle and it was a lovely time with the girls but not particularly restful and the new term started all too quickly, I’m here at the end of January wondering what I did for the last 6 weeks that left no time for writing!

I love to write and I enjoy exploring the digital creativity elements that blogging provides, it is for this reason that I am going to set myself a target of blogging twice a week, perhaps it will be more than this if something in particular inspires me, perhaps it will be less when life feels a little overwhelming but I am going to create a space just for me and if any of you readers see a post you like why not leave a comment or follow my blog, it’s always encouraging to know someone reads what you write.

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