Choosing what to plant

January is typically the time of year for choosing what to plant on the allotment or garden vegetable plot. As the new year settles in it is with great excitement that we can start choosing what to plant in our own garden for the very first time.

Our plan is to start simple and grow only things that we will eat and enjoy as a family, we’re desperate to get started and this week we made our first purchases towards our brand new family vegetable plot.

It’s only a very small space and as such every centimetre must count, if it’s a success after a couple of years we may consider taking on an allotment plot, probably a half size plot as the girls grow bigger though this is subject to waiting lists.

So what have we got in choosing what to plant?

IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0853 potatoes

Garlic, onions, potatoes and asparagus are going to be our first efforts, Asparagus may be a little ambitious for first time growers but it is so delicious and it would be great if the sets take enough even for us to grow a small amount.

The potatoes will soon be ready to go in, first earlies can be planted as early as February and we are lining up our egg boxes to get ready to chit them ready for planting, there seems to be some variation of opinion on whether chitting is worthwhile or not but we will give it a try.

Garlic technically should have gone into the ground by now but I’m hoping planting in early January should not cause too many problems, as garlic is used regularly in cooking at home it would be amazing to have even a small supply of home grown garlic in the garden.

Onions, we have chosen the radar variety and will see whether onions are going to be a success for us.

So far in addition to these four items we also plan to grow carrots, another staple in this house both raw and cooked, beans and peas, some salad crops and a selection of herbs.  If we can manage to try all of these in the first year I will be very happy indeed.



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